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According to the Asian American Hotel Owners Association “AAHOA”, Asian Americans own more than 22,000 hotels that total $60 billion in property value.
Generally, hotel insurance combines several different types of insurance that are necessary to provide proper coverage for this very specialized business. Hotel insurance includes a multitude of coverages specific to the needs of a hotel manager or owner. Coverages typically include Commercial Property and General Liability as well as Loss of Business Income, Loss of Refrigeration, Liquor Liability, Guests’ Property, Business Contents, Boiler and Machinery, Computer Breakdown, Theft by Employees and Umbrella Coverage. Restaurants, swimming pools, gift shops, barbers, lounges and catered events and meetings can all be covered by these coverages when they are part of normal operations and designed for use by guests of the hotel. The Company intends to underwrite risks having 90 units or less.