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Has Your Brokerage or any of its Owners, Principals, Partners or Employees Had a Company or Individual License Suspended or Revoked?
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Has Your Brokerage or any of its Owners, Principals, Partners or Employees Had any Disciplinary Action by a State Insurance Department or Other Regulatory Authority?
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Has Any Principal, Owner or Partner Been Convicted of a Crime?
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Is There Any Pending, Threatened, or in the Last Five Years, any Litigation or Judgments Exceeding $10,000 Against the Brokerage or Any of the Principals?
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Has Your Brokerage or any Principal, Owner or Partner Ever Filed for Bankruptcy or Re-Organization Under Bankruptcy Law?
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Have you or Your Brokerage Been Party to Any Errors and Omissions suit in the Last Five Years:
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I hereby affirm, under the penalty of perjury, that the information provided in the application is true and accurate. Maya Assurance Company Conducts Background Checks on all Brokerages, their Owners, Principals and Partners. Your Signature Below Authorizes Maya Assurance Company to Conduct Such an Investigation.

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